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Boss Girl Branding Package



The Boss Girl Branding Package is the ultimate solution for fempreneurs and business leaders ready to establish a powerful and cohesive brand presence.


This all-encompassing package includes everything you need to build and maintain a standout brand, both online and offline.


Turnaround: 14-20 days

Enter your brand name (optional)

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What's Included?

  • Primary logo: The cornerstone of your brand, designed to be instantly recognizable and reflective of your unique identity.


  • Secondary logo: An additional logo design to complement and enhance your brand's versatility across various platforms.


  • Sub logo: A simplified and compact version of your primary logo, ideal for use in smaller spaces or as a watermark.


  • Moodboard: We begin by curating a moodboard that captures the essence of your brand. This visual collage serves as inspiration, guiding the design direction for your logo suite.


  • Typography: We meticulously select and pair fonts that resonate with your brand's personality and ensure consistency across all your branding materials.


  • Brand pattern: A custom-designed pattern that encapsulates your brand’s aesthetic, perfect for use in backgrounds, packaging, and more.


  • 2x Card Designs: Professionally crafted cards of your choice that matches your brand aesthetic.


  • Instagram templates: A set of stylish and customizable templates that maintain a consistent look and feel across your social media presence, boosting engagement and brand loyalty. Includes x5 highlight covers.


  • e-Flyer design: A dynamic and visually appealing e-flyer to promote your brand's events, products, or services, perfect for digital marketing campaigns.


  • WIX website design: A professionally designed website tailored to your brand’s needs. Please note: A WIX Studio plan must be in place to utilize this service.


  • 1x Packaging Design: An eye-catching design tailored to your product, ensuring your packaging stands out on the shelves and resonates with your target audience.


  • Guidelines: A concise document outlining basic usage guidelines for your brand's logo. Includes instructions on correct logo placement, sizing, and clear space to maintain visual integrity

What File Formats Are Provided?


It's important to note that if your logo includes special effects or intricate details, such as embossing or realistic chrome, the vector files (AI, EPS, PDF) will provide the base logo design without these effects. For logos with effects, we recommend using the PNG or JPG files for optimal representation.

Digital Product Policy

Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges once the digital product has been purchased, designed and delivered.

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